If you’ve found a bug or have a query, please drop us an email at  The more detail you can provide about how to create the bug, the better! You can also send us an email directly in-game from the Settings page on the main menu.

Thank you for playing Valleys Between!

Common queries and Known issues

Please make sure you’re on the latest version of Valleys Between – version 1.1.2 

Q: Sometimes it takes a long time to load the game or the menu

If this is the first time you’re opening the game, you may find that it takes a while but it will be much faster the next time! On some older devices, the time between the menu and the game can take a little while to open as we have a lot of art to load in. If it doesn’t load, or if you have any issues, please email us at

Q: My game won’t load past the Little Lost Fox screen

If you get this issue, we recommend temporarily disabling Game Center. To do this, go to your phone Settings, scroll down to Game Center  and turn it off.
Game center is only needed for tracking achievements across multiple devices and is not actually required to play the game. You can leave it off with no issues and we will work on getting a fix out for this as soon as we can! You won’t lose any progress to your game when you enable Game Center again.

Q: My game has crashed when I tried to change my animal!

This is an intermittent issue we’re working on resolving, and appears to only be affecting users with Game Center accounts. Your game should be able to load again next time with no issues, but if  you do find anything amiss, please email us at

Q: How do I complete the quest “restore 10 pieces of land with an animal”

This is something that we’re working on making clearer in our next update, but different kinds of animals have different effects. Have a look at your animals screen, and try out the medium animals (like deer and moose) on places where you have lost pieces of land.

Q: How do I make a windmill?

You can create a windmill by using your animal on a factory.

Q: When I choose 简体中文 as my language, some characters don’t display correctly

This has been fixed in the latest version of Valleys Between.

Q: When I reset my data, the screen goes black and won’t reload

If you get this issue and the game doesn’t load again after 10 seconds, we recommend closing and reopening the game. Your data should still reset, but if you have any further issues please email us at